The Maintenance And Filtration Needed To Keep Rain Collection Systems Clean

23 March 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


Water is a precious resource and rain collection is a great way to conserve it. Rain barrels will provide you with water for things like outdoor chores or irrigation systems. The water that you store in barrels is also a place where insects may lay eggs and debris causes bacteria and other organisms to grow. To ensure you do not have problems with your rain collection system, it is going to need maintenance and good filtration. Here are some of the maintenance and filtration needs of modern rain collection systems:

1. Gutters and Prefiltration To Keep Debris Out of Rain Barrels

Gutters are attached to your home, and are great for simple water collection from roof runoff with rain barrels. Since the runoff from your roof will have a lot of debris in it, you will want to have filtration systems in place. The first line of defense from roof debris should be a gutter guard or screen. In addition to a gutter guard, prefiltration systems can be installed on downspouts. The prefiltration systems will flush debris from the gutters before it is collected in tanks.

2. Screen Filters on Barrels, Cleaning, and The Outlets on Barrels

The barrels that your rain collection system uses need filtration and maintenance to prevent problems. A rain barrel that has openings will have problems with insects laying eggs in the water. Installing screens on the barrels will help to keep insects and debris out of the water and prevent water quality problems due to foreign contamination. Make sure that all openings are protected with a screen and that the container is well-sealed.

3. Maintaining Your System by Cleaning Filter Systems and Treating Water 

To ensure the water in your rain collection system is always clean, it is important to do regular maintenance. The tasks that need to be done include cleaning the filters and removing debris from areas where it can get into the water. In addition, you may want to add a treatment to the water every few months to kill any bacteria or organisms that grow in the water.  

Keeping the water in your rain barrels clean will prevent problems with insects or bacteria growth. Contact a wastewater service to help you get started with conserving water, and talk with them about some of these solutions for maintenance and filtration when you have your system installed, as well as other water conservation and treatment options.