The Most Common Ant Control Mistakes

30 March 2017
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If you are struggling to get rid of ants in your home, it is important to not only think of new ways to eliminate ants, but you must also think about the mistakes that you might be making that are causing your home to become infested with ants in the first place. 

Be Careful With How You Kill Ants

Do not simply try to kill the ants. You must understand why the ants are entering your home in the first place. In fact, killing individual ants can sometimes cause the ant infestation to become worse as other ants come to retrieve the dead bodies to dispose of them. Relying too much on chemical pesticides can cause ants to bud up into multiple colonies. When you do apply the recommended treatment option, do not expect the ants to be killed off immediately. For example, there are some treatment options that require that the poison builds up over time in order to kill off the ant infestation. 

Use A Variety Of Bait Stations

Do not continue to use the same bait stations. Instead, use many bait stations and use different types of bait. Bait tends to dry out and will no longer attract ants. Also, ant preferences for food change regularly and ants may lose interest in one brand. However, if you continue to use bait, you will eventually allow for the poison to build up within the ant colony and you will likely kill the queens, which can lead to the death of the colony.

Research The Ants

Do not assume that you will need to use the same treatment approach for every ant species. You will need to identify the type of ants you are suffering from in order to determine which treatment option will be effective. For example, if you need to use bait to kill ants, you must use a bait that will be attractive to the particular ant species. Some ants prefer greasy bait, while other ants prefer sugary bait.

Don't Combine Dry And Wet Baits

Do not combine dry with wet baits in the same station. The humidity that is caused by the wet bait will cause the dry bait to mold, which can cause a separate set of issues and may reduce the effectiveness of the bait. The good news is that you can save money on bait stations by reusing them and simply filling them with new bait.

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