Mold Remediation and Getting Problems Fixed Before Spores Take Over Your Home

26 April 2017
 Categories: Environmental, Blog


When mold grows out of control, the problem is a serious concern for the health hazards that spores can cause. It is important to get the problem fixed and under control before it becomes too serious. If you find and clean the mildew and mold before it begins to take over, you can save yourself from costly repairs. Here are some tips to help find mold problems before the spores begin to take over your home:

1. Roof Leaks That Grow Into Serious Mold Issues When Repairs Are Neglected

Roof leaks are a common cause of mold damage in homes, especially if you live in an area with high rainfall during certain times of the year. The leaks on your roof may go unnoticed and eventually cause mold to spread throughout your home. Sometimes, the leaks on a roof may not be visible inside or outside your home, and you only notice them when damage starts to become more apparent. To prevent this problem, regularly inspect your roof and areas where water traps form, such as near where different parts of the structure meet.

2. Moisture Problems in Areas Like Basements and Crawl Spaces That Cause Mold Growth

Moisture problems in basements and crawlspaces are common and can lead to mold issues when they are not addressed. Since the basement of a home is a cool, damp place, condensation forms and will provide water for mold to grow. To prevent this problem, make sure these areas of your home are well-insulated and properly ventilated. In a crawlspace, you may want to consider solutions like encapsulation, which will help keep this area of your home dry.

3. Plumbing Problems That Grow Into Serious Issues With Mold Taking Over

Plumbing is often a cause of serious water damage problems in homes, due to things like backflow from clogged drains or burst pipes. Sometimes, the issues with your plumbing may not be that serious, and you may not see things like small leaks. Small plumbing leaks that are left too long will lead to serious mold problems. Make sure you check areas like sinks for common leaks and have repairs done before they lead to serious issues with mold spreading throughout your home.

Addressing mold problems before they grow out of control will help ensure that the spores do not continue to grow. Contact a mold remediation service when the problems begin to spread to areas of your home.